Brett Mativi
Senior Vice President, North Central LA Region 

Brett joined Eustis Mortgage Corporation in October of 2011 with years of experience in production and senior management. As the current Senior Vice President of the North Central LA Region, Brett drives the growth of the corporation’s branch offices through the strategic acquisition and management of Northern Louisiana’s most experienced loan officers. His focus is to forecast accurate volume projections by effectively training and retaining the best lenders in the industry. With Brett’s strong leadership and knowledge, Eustis Mortgage Corporation is poised for vast growth and expansion.

Why Choose Eustis:

We Have a Proven Business Model –

We have been in business for over 60 years, we are on firm financial footing and we know the mortgage business well. You can be confident that we’ll be here for you.

Our Support Staff is Best in Class –

We have a seasoned support staff that offers an impressive collection of skills, experience, and industry knowledge. But what stands out most is the can-do attitude of our entire staff. We have a collaborative environment with plenty of one-on-one support – you are never alone in your challenges. Every employee at Eustis Mortgage wants to help you close your loans.

Accessible Management –

The executive team is small and works together on almost all issues that impact loan officers. Beneficial changes that impact you are implemented quickly and efficiently. Our flat management structure offers you access to top management and company owners, which means your opinions are heard and can make decisions.

We Are Professionals –

Excellent customer experience is a root of our continued success. We are constantly focused on improving our communications, services and support, and maintaining an excellent corporate image. You will be proud to be a Eustis Mortgage loan officer.

As a high performing loan officer, you are always looking for a way to achieve more. Eustis Mortgage offers you that opportunity. I would like to talk to you about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Give me a call – let’s talk.

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