Our Cheer Squad

"Working for Eustis Mortgage has been one of the greatest pleasures of my career."

Anthony Williams

  • Vice President, Loan Officer
  • NMLS# 276726

"I've been with Eustis Mortgage for 19 years so that must tell you something about the company!"

Deb Robertson

  • Vice President, Loan Officer
  • NMLS# 86745

"Family is where the heart is....Eustis is exactly that, FAMILY!"


  • Mortgage Planner
  • NMLS# 184035

"I love the technology we offer and we're a small enough company we are able to be flexible in whatever the customer's needs are."


  • Branch Manager
  • NMLS#93184

"I love working at Eustis Mortgage because of the Family atmosphere; everyone knows your name."


  • Regional Vice President
  • NMLS# 239354

"I started in 1991. I love the Eustis family, the way the company is growing, I'm so happy that Kate is the CEO now, the underwriting, I love my assistant, and just our whole process is tremendous!"


  • Vice President, LOAN OFFICER
  • NMLS# 87255

"Here I feel like there’s no limits."

Michael J. Fooshee

  • Fooshee Group
  • Branch Manager, Senior Loan Originator
  • NMLS# 184299

"One thing I love about this company is that we're always trying to innovate and looking for ways to do things better."


  • Branch Manager
  • NMLS# 756263

"We’re a small group of people with a lot of power behind us."

John hardimon

  • Branch Manager
  • NMLS# 176561