Alan Novotny

Alan Novotny joined Eustis Mortgage Corporation in July of 2010 with over twenty-five years of experience in mortgage banking.  Now, as CEO of Eustis Mortgage Company, Alan is leading the company to focus on providing Eustis clients with a buying experience unmatched in the industry.  His focus is to provide a seamless and smooth process for buyers by ensuring that the loan originators at Eustis are seasoned and experienced with above average skills that share the company’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Under Alan’s leadership the company is poised for growth and expansion by providing a more mobile solution to empower loan originators along with centralized loan processing that can handle any type of client solution or scenario.

Alan is proud of his vast work experience, as he has had the opportunity to grow companies and has even sold companies to larger financial institutions that have recognized his success. Mr. Novotny’s lifelong career in the mortgage business makes him an extremely seasoned individual who knows what it takes to run a successful mortgage company. In order to guarantee success, Alan believes it is imperative to empower the people that work for the company and allow informed decisions to be made by the customer. Alan Novotny is an exceptional leader with vast experience in the market.

Alan began his career in 1983 where he served as a Regional loan officer in New Orleans at Troy Nichols Mortgage Chase from 1983-1996. He continued his career at North American Mortgage from 1996-2002, Sebring Classic Wholesale from 2002-2004, Nbank Broker Source from 2004-2007, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage from 2007-2010, and finally joined Eustis Mortgage in 2010 where he serves as the present CEO President.

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